The International Society of Nonbinary Scientists

Building solidarity and discovering interesting things since 2020.

About Us

Who Are We?

ISNBS is an international community of nonbinary scientists. We come from the far reaches of the physical and social sciences. Some of us study desert birds. Others study immuno-oncology. Some of us write about science, or teach it. We are pretty fun at parties.

The group was established in 2020 to combat the isolation of being the “only ones” at our institutions, inspired by Dr. Sekazi Mtingwa and the National Society of Black Physicists.

What Members Have to Say

Community Testimonials

Es alentador saber que no estoy tan sole como creía. It’s nice to know I’m not as alone as I thought.

Xakin Ramirez Isunza, Chemical Engineering graduate student from Mexico City,

Kai Wilschnack, PhD Student in Environmental Chemistry

For someone who felt that being nonbinary in my work role was a solo endeavor, to know that there are 500 incredible individuals who are also with me in this experience is one of the small joys that keeps me in this role.

Stephanie Campbell, Astronomy graduate student, University of St. Andrews in Scotland

ISNBS is an exciting community of nonbinary folks interested in all aspects of STEM. The community has helped me feel more connected to other nonbinary scientists and shake off feelings of isolation in academia. This network has also been an invaluable resource when I was recruiting speakers and participants for a Trans and Nonbinary in Academia panel I hosted at my university. Plus, we have kickass t-shirts!

Maddy Shred, Structural Biology graduate student at McGill University in Canada

Being part of ISNBS has totally changed how I see myself and what I’m capable of.

Riley DeHority, Bioengineering graduate student from North Carolina, USA

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