Below, find resources for navigating the world of science as a nonbinary person, and for supporting nonbinary colleagues and students. To suggest a resource for this list, use our contact page.

General resources about nonbinary identities:

Pronouns page – information about nonbinary and gender neutral language

Nonbinary Wiki

Gender Census – information about the language used by people whose genders are not adequately described, expressed, or encompassed by the gender binary

Books to read for International Non-Binary People’s Day

Being non-binary in the UK today

Resources for trans & nonbinary scientists

Spreadsheet of name change policies by various academic journals and publishers

Explainer: Mental Health Issues Faced by LTQ Women of Science (this article is focused on the experiences of LTQ women in India, but is also broadly applicable)

Trans Reads – The world’s largest collection of trans-focused literature

Local and regional organizations:

LGBTQIA+ academics WhatsApp group from India – queer/trans-identifying people from all career stages in academia (email to join)

Trans academics WhatsApp group from India – trans-identifying people from all career stages in academia (email to join)

LGBTQ India Resource – online comprehensive resource for Indian LGBTQ communities and allies

PRISM Exeter – Exeter, UK based network for #LGBTQ+ and allies interested in diversity & inclusion who work in or study Sci, Tech, Engineering, Maths or Medicine (#STEMM)

No Binaries España – A nonbinary group in Spain

Non-Binary Genders in Higher Education – Ongoing study on nonbinary people’s experiences in higher education in the UK

Caltech’s Gender Diversity Club (contact Aelin Hunt to join)

Queers in Science – An organisation building community and improving support for LGBTQIA+ people in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine) in Australia.

House of STEM – A network of LGBTQ+ scientists in Ireland

International or web-based organizations:

LGBTQ+ STEM – Improving LGBTQ+ visibility in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Runs the annual LGBTQ+ STEMinar in the UK.

Trans in STEM – This is a place for transgender people in or considering STEM to connect and find representation. It’s a place to discuss science and find mentors.

The STEM Village – Improving visibility for the LGBTQIA+ STEM community

Trans PhD Network – Facebook group for trans and gender non-conforming graduate students or professional students (medical school, law school, etc)

THRIVE Lifeline – Text-based crisis hotline staffed by people in STEMM with marginalized identities

oSTEM – Mainly aimed at students though they have “professionals” chapters too

Vanguard: Conversations with Women of Color in STEM (#VanguardSTEM)

Ace in STEM Discord (DM Sarah Cosgriff to join)

Pride Field Network – Resources for LGBTQ+ scientists who do field work

500 Queer Scientists

Out to Innovate

Pride in STEM


Organizations for specific fields or careers:

Nonbinary in Space Science Twitter group (DM Beck Strauss to join)

LGBTQIA+ in Astro

Committee for Sexual-Orientation & Gender Minorities in Astronomy (SGMA)

Spectra: The Association for LGBT Mathematicians

Queers In Planetary Science (QUIPS) – by invitation (on Facebook and at space science conferences)

AGQ (formerly gAyGU) – through the American Geophysical Union (geosciences)

LGBT+ Physicists

Proud Science Alliance – A collective of healthcare and life sciences sector LGBTQ+ networks who work together to raise the bar on LGBTQ+ inclusion

Trans Educators Network – A support and community-building focused organization for trans and other PK-12 educators who don’t always fit neatly into systems of gender at school

InterEngineering LGBT – Organization to connect, inform and empower LGBTQ+ engineers and their supports to foster greater inclusion in engineering.

Studies on LGBTQIA+ people’s experiences:

Systemic inequalities for LGBTQ professionals in STEM (2021)

Visible name changes promote inequity for transgender researchers (2021)

“It’s dude culture”: Students with minoritized identities of sexuality and/or gender navigating STEM majors (2020)

Nonbinary systems: Looking towards the future of gender equity in planetary science (2020)

Queer world-making: a need for integrated intersectionality in science communication (2020)

Measuring and Resolving LGBTQ Disparities in STEM (2020)

Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists (2019)

The nonbinary fraction: Looking towards the future of gender equity in astronomy (2019)

A Model of Queer STEM Identity in the Workplace (2019)

Discrimination drives LGBTQ+ scientists to think about quitting (2019)

Coming out in STEM: Factors affecting retention of sexual minority STEM students (2018)

Queer in STEM Organizations: Workplace Disadvantages for LGBT Employees in STEM Related Federal Agencies (2017)

APS LGBT Climate in Physics Report (2016)

Enriching gender in physics education research: A binary past and a complex future (2015)

Non-binary people’s experiences in the UK (2015)

Queer in STEM: Workplace Experiences Reported in a National Survey of LGBTQA Individuals in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Careers (2015)

The (Mis)Framing of Social Justice: Why Ideologies of Depoliticization and Meritocracy Hinder Engineers’ Ability to Think About Social Injustices (2013)

Podcasts by ISNBS members:

My Fave Queer Chemist (hosted by Bec Roldan)

Queer Science! (hosted by R and Bri)

LGBTQ+ STEM Cast (hosted by A-bel Gong)

Climate Scientists (hosted by Dan(i) Jones)

Essays and articles by trans & nonbinary scientists:

Trans. Visible. Unapologetic.Sister STEM

On Being a Transgender Astronomer – Women in Astronomy Blog

Breaking the binary by coming out as a trans scientist – Nature Careers

Coming out – Science Working Life

Being a Lesbian Trans Woman of Science in India – The Life of Science

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