Liaisons Programme

Our Liaisons Programme is a network of trans and nonbinary scientists who serve as links between ISNBS and their regions or institutions. While every Liaison joins the programme with different priorities and goals, they all work to increase nonbinary participation and wellbeing in STEM. Some Liaisons are also starting local ISNBS chapters, connecting nonbinary scientists in their communities to resources, and doing advocacy work.

If you want to advertise regional or institutional opportunities, invite people to your events and programmes, or connect with other nonbinary scientists in your area, they are your contact points!

Regional liaisons connect nonbinary scientists between regional institutions and provide support based on the social and political context of the region. Local LGBTQIA+ community and support groups are welcome to reach out to our regional liaisons and exchange resources that could benefit any nonbinary person (not just scientists) in your town, city, state or country. Institutional liaisons also take up enquiries from potential students and employees of institutions.

You can reach out to our liaisons through our contact form here by mentioning their name in your message. We will put them in contact with you. If you are a member of the ISNBS Slack, you can also send a private message to whoever you want to contact. If you can’t find the institution or region you are looking for, you can send in a general request and we will try to search for an ISNBS member who could help you.

We have liaisons for the following regions and institutions. Some have asked for their names to not be displayed publicly. Regions are displayed in bold, and institutions are displayed in italics.

Melbourne, Victoria – Bri Johns and Sophia Frentz
Cambridge – Jen Muir, Anglia Ruskin University
Oxford – Rebecca Colquhoun, University of Oxford
Scotland – Stephanie Campbell, University of St Andrews
United States of America
Austin, Texas – Savannah Cornett, University of Texas at Austin
New York City, New York – Hunter Green, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Galacia Pokos
Stillwater, Oklahoma – Indigo Underwood
South Bend, Indiana – Ariel Thelander, University of Notre Dame
Waterville, Maine – Hannen Wolfe, Colby College
‣ Parker Lund, Cal Poly Humboldt
‣ Ren Weinstock, Utah State University
‣ Riley DeHority, Virginia Tech
‣ Sam Patterson, New York University & Arizona State University

Note: All our liaisons are volunteering their time to take up requests. Please be respectful of their time and effort.

Passive Liaisons

It can be challenging to find support in a new place, or to tell how supportive a school or workplace might be without actually being there. To help advise nonbinary scientists who are considering different institutions, our passive liaisons are available to discuss and give advice about the following:

AmeriCorps (USA)
Argonne National Laboratory (USA)
East Tennessee State University (USA)
George Washington University (USA)
Michigan State University (USA)
National Park Service (USA)
New England Aquarium (USA)
New York University Shanghai (China)
North Carolina State University (USA)
Oklahoma State University (USA)
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)
Stevens Institute of Technology (USA)
Texas State University (USA)
The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health (Australia)
Tufts University (USA)
Universidad de Valladolid (Spain)
University College Cork (Ireland)
University College Dublin (Ireland)
University of Maine (USA)
University of Melbourne (Australia)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA)
University of Nevada, Reno (USA)
University of Oregon (USA)
University of Rochester (USA)
University of Wyoming (USA)

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