Application for Membership

Welcome to the The International Society of Nonbinary Scientists web page.

About the Society
ISNBS is a community** of people who identify both as nonbinary and as scientists. We used to have a sarcastic line here about how eminent and well regarded our members are, but that was confusing to people, so here’s what we meant but plainer:

This is a very chill organization. Yes, you can apply. We are glad you exist.

Joining the Society
Membership is typically extended by invitation. However we do accept an unlimited number of unsolicited applications for consideration. There are no requirements for membership (degrees, employment, pronouns, trans identity).

Feel free to apply under the name you would like to be called, even if you use another name professionally. You will be able to change it later.

*If the answer is basically yes, feel free to mark yes.

**It’s a Slack, and if you fill out this form we will add you to it.

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