A blog run by the International Society of Nonbinary Scientists (ISNBS)

Welcome to Transpositions. Our aim is to highlight the amazing scientific research, teaching, and outreach done by nonbinary scientists around the world. Check out the articles below to learn more about the scientists that make up ISNBS as well as other nonbinary and gender expansive scientists from a wide range of fields and careers.

About our name…

  • In genetics, transpositions refer to the movement of chunks of DNA from one site to another within a genome.
  • In music, transpositions change a melody to a different key or otherwise change the pitch of a series of notes in some consistent way.
  • In mathematics, transpositions can refer to switching the rows and columns of a matrix to create a transpose matrix, or moving a term from one side of an equation to another.
  • In chess, players may confuse their opponents by using transpositions, or alternative sequences of moves that arrive at the same outcome as a more common sequence.
  • In cryptography, transposition ciphers are codes that can encrypt a message by rearranging letters in a reversible way.
  • In logic, transposition is a rule that can be used in proofs to replace a statement like “A implies B” with “not B implies not A”.
  • In this blog, we seek to learn more about the career positions of awesome trans and gender diverse scientists worldwide!
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